Short Break Routes

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Short Break Routes

Short Break Map

These are a short description for each route.

Should you require a more in depth description then please click on the title for each route.

Friday to Monday is a 3 Night Break

(although you can come back on the Sunday evening if required)

Monday to Friday is a 4 Night Break

Please note:- all of the routes listed here are purely suggested routes. You can travel where you want to subject to the time limits of your holiday booking. 

You can alter these routes to suit where you want to go or even merge 2 or more routes to create your own itinerary.

All routes start from our base on the Northern section of the Oxford Canal between Rugby and Coventry. See our map

Bridge 34 Oxford Canal

South to Braunston & Napton – 2 or 3 Night Break

Going 31 miles (total there and back), this route takes you south along the Oxford Canal and just onto the Grand Union Canal turning around at Braunston. It will take about 12 hours (total there and back) including going through 6 locks (3 there and 3 back) for the full journey. If you have time you can extend this cruise by an extra 4 hours with no extra locks by going onto Napton.


Newbold Tunnel

South to Fenny Compton – 4 Night Break

This journey south from Rose Narrowboats will take you about 25 hours in total (there and back) covering a distance of 64 miles on the Oxford Canal taking in 24 locks (12 there and 12 back).

Hillmorton Locks

South to Weedon – 4 Night Break

A total of 50 miles (there and back) you will travel on the Oxford and Grand Union Canals to Weedon with 2 tunnels and 32 locks (16 there and 16 back) taking 22 hours (total there and back) altogether.

Cattle on the canalside

South to Crick – 4 Night Break

On the Oxford canal to Braunston followed by the Grand Union Canal including part of the Leicester section will take about 21 hours (total there and back) to cover the 46 miles navigating 32 locks (16 there and 16 back) as you journey to Crick.

Bridge 27 Oxford Canal

North to Sutton Cheney – 2 or 3 Night Break

Going north on the Oxford Canal followed by the Coventry Canal and onto the Ashby Canal can be done in about 13 hours (total there and back) as you cover the 37.5 miles of canal but only going through 2 locks, 1 each way which makes this a very easy route.

Old Pump House Hawkesbury

North to Atherstone – 2 or 3 Night Break

37.5 miles of Oxford and Coventry canal giving about 12 hours cruising time (total there and back) with only 2 locks (one each way).

Northern Oxford Canal

North to Snarestone – 4 Night Break

Going North on the Oxford canal then onto the Coventry canal before eventually joining the Ashby canal for a 63.5 mile route (there and back). This will take about 21 hours (total there and back) but only 2 locks (one each way).

Foot Bridge at Hawkesbury

North to Alvecote – 4 Night Break

North on the Oxford canal changing to the Coventry canal at Hawkesbury junction gives you 21 hours (total there and back) of cruising with 2 locks (one each way) covering the 52.5 miles.