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Canal Holiday Cruise Routes

Planning your canal holiday cruise route

At the heart of the Canal Network

​There are over 2000 miles of inland waterways in England, varying in character wherever they lie. Rose Narrowboats’ fleet is based at Stretton under Fosse, Warwickshire (see our map) at the heart of this network of waterways, giving you a generous choice of routes to cruise and places to see.

Stunning views and scenery

​A one or two week cruise will allow you to travel quite a distance, either as an out-and-back trip or travelling a “Ring”. Out-and-back means that you can take your time doing whatever you want to do as long as you allow enough time to get back again (the scenery always looks different coming back the other way), whereas travelling a Ring means you have to be more watchful of your timing. But of course you will have fresh views all the way.

A Canal guide can be useful

Experience has shown that certain routes are more feasible than others and these are described in some detail under Longer Routes. Details of these routes can be found in the excellent guides which are available in our shop.

All routes start from our base on the Northern section of the Oxford Canal between Rugby and Coventry. See our map

Please note:- all of the routes listed here are purely suggested routes. You can travel where you want to subject to the time limits of your holiday booking. 

You can alter these routes to suit where you want to go or even merge 2 or more routes to create your own itinerary.

Day Trip Routes

Short Break Routes

2 or 3 Night Break Routes

4 Night Break Routes

One Week Routes

10 to 14 Day Routes

2 Week Routes

Longer Routes


Rose Narrowboats Complete Canal Map

Nicholson’s Ordnance Survey Inland Waterways of Great Britain

We hold a wide stock of other books, maps and guides, as well as gifts and souvenirs.


Detailed and informative guides
South Midlands and Warwickshire Ring, Ashby Canal
Oxford and Grand Union Canal and Upper Thames

HERON PROJECTS MAPS, folded single sheets
Oxford Canal
Grand Union 1 Birmingham to Fenny Stratford
Grand Union 2 Braunston to Kings Langley
Grand Union 3 Fenny Stratford to the Thames
Grand Union 4 Leicester, Soar, Erewash
Birmingham Canal Navigations
Coventry – Ashby

No. 1 London, Grand Union, Oxford and Leicester
No. 2 Severn, Avon and Birmingham
No. 3 Birmingham and the Heart of England