New to Boating?

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New to Boating?

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Our handover procedure is regularly assessed by British Marine assuring you of our high standard of care for all our customers so don’t worry we will go through everything with you and put you at your ease.

Once you arrive at Rose Narrowboats and have checked in, you will be shown to your boat where you can put all your belongings on. We then show you where to park your car.

One of our trained handover staff will then introduce themselves to you.

If you have already decided which route to take our staff member will tell you about some of the different things that you may encounter on that journey or if you are undecided on your route then we can give you advise on the different routes you could take, depending on how easy you want to take it or how adventurous you want to be and depending on how long you have hired the boat. You can always check out our suggested routes at our ROUTES PAGE

Starting at the front we will go through the boat with you, explaining every aspect, what switch does what, how to operate the heating system etc.

We will then show you how to start and stop the engine including explaining how it charges the batteries.

We then go through canal procedures with you, telling you about the obstacles on the canal such as tunnels and locks and how to negotiate them.

After this we will accompany you along the canal showing you how to steer, what speeds you can do and how to bring your boat in for mooring.

Once this is done and we are sure that you are competent enough to continue and you are happy to go on your own then we will leave you to enjoy your canal holiday. Most people pick this up very quickly but we will be with you for as long as it takes.

Everything we tell you about your boat will be in the boat manual (on the boat) just in case you forget anything, with the added assurance that we have a call out system in place should you require any assistance.

If you would like to do some homework before you arrive then please see The Boaters Handbook.