Day Routes

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Day Trip Canal Routes

All routes start from our base on the Northern section of the Oxford Canal between Rugby and Coventry. Please see our map

Going North

Rose Narrowboats going North for a day map
Rose Narrowboats

After passing through some open farmland and a pay-and-play golf course you reach Ansty in about one hour.


After Ansty the character of the canal begins to change as you approach the outskirts of Coventry.

There is a turning point just under the M69 motorway after Bridge 14.

We recommend that you turn around at the entrance to Coventry Cruisers which is after Bridge 7 but before Bridge 5 (Bridge 6 has been demolished) to avoid having to negotiate the lock at Hawkesbury Junction.

Unfortunately due to a lack of water in the feeder compounds to the canal, to save water, Rosette is unable to go through the locks.


Going South

Rosette and Shop
Rose Narrowboats going South for a day map

The first stretch runs through woodland, passing the occasional farm as well as two of the attractive cast iron bridges that are a feature of the North Oxford Canal. These take the towing path over James Brindley’s original late 18th century contour line of the canal which was shortened in 1830.

Bridge 34 Oxford Canal

After one and a half hours you navigate the small tunnel at Newbold. In Newbold churchyard you can see the remains of the earlier tunnel.

Newbold Tunnel

Half an hour after Newbold you pass another cast iron bridge over a dead end leading to Rugby Wharf (you can turn here), then cross two aqueducts over the River Swift and a road. There is a picnic area after the next bridge.


The next hour sees more woodland, a boat yard and a golf course as the canal skirts attractively round Rugby towards Hillmorton Locks.

These locks will take you uphill. They were part of the 1830 improvement which called for a doubling of the standard 7ft wide locks to speed the flow of commercial boats and so compete with the new wide locks on the Grand Union.

Hillmorton Locks

This is about as far as most people go – you can turn around just before or just after the first lock, or after the third at the top.

The last possible turning point for a day trip is about half an hour further on just past the ‘Waterside’ pub, providing good food.

It is however about four hours back to base from here.

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