2 Week Routes

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2 Week Routes

These are a short description for each route.

Should you require a more in depth description then please click on the title for each route.

Please note:- all of the routes listed here are purely suggested routes. You can travel where you want to subject to the time limits of your holiday booking. 

You can alter these routes to suit where you want to go or even merge 2 or more routes to create your own itinerary.

All routes start from our base on the Northern section of the Oxford Canal between Rugby and Coventry. See our map

Rose Narrowboats to Stratford on Avon map

Stratford-on-Avon Canal

84 locks there and 84 locks back will make you fit, and still leave plenty of time to explore all the delights on the way -the beautiful Stratford Canal, Stratford-on-Avon itself and Warwick with its castle. This is more of a 10 day or 2 week cruise to do the 68 hours of cruising for the whole route.

Oxford Canal and River Thames

The South Oxford Canal & The River Thames​

Taking the Oxford Canal south all the way to Oxford with a choice of going to either Lechslade or Reading on the River Thames creates an interesting route.

Lechslade would be 82 hours for the return journey with 50 locks each way (100 total) whilst taking the Reading cruise would be 110 locks (55 each way) with a journey time of 92 hours for the whole trip.

Foot Bridge at Hawkesbury

Caldon Canal

An interesting route taking in the Oxford, Coventry, Trent & Mersey and Caldon Canals from the heart of England through the Potteries to the edge of Staffordshire moorlands.

78 Hours of cruising will take you on the 182 mile journey navigating 108 locks for this route.